Millie Top

Millie Top has lived the longest part of her life in The Netherlands. In spring 2013 she moved to Toronto where she lived for 4 years. She recently moved to Berkeley to be closer to nature and all its beautiful seasons and colors.

In NL she has been doing courses and painting for about 8 years. After moving to Ontario she did multiple courses at the AGO and did a full year at Central Tech, the Adult Art Program.

The beauty of the different aspects of nature has always captured and profoundly moved her, scientifically and as an artist. It is this she wants to bring forward in her paintings. 
She creates paintings from what she sees out in nature either it being a bird in her backyard to a chipmunk in Algonquin Park. 
Her art is mostly focused on nature, and her preferred medium is acrylic with a touch of mixed media to give her work more depth. She also likes to experiment with other mediums.